November 12, 2013


"Rituals -- my pre-show album on this production has turned out to be David Bowie's Next Day, and the closest I come to superstition is that I have to play that every night before I go on."

David revealed his choice of music to play before he goes on stage in a recent online chat sponsored by The Guardian

Pupils to quiz actor David Tennant over Shakespeare

Next Friday, November 15th, they will be answering questions for up to 30 minutes to students from Dixons Academy, Belle Vue Girls’ School and Bingley Grammar School following a live feed from Stratford-upon-Avon of the play Richard II in the hall of Bingley Grammar, Bradford.

“The school is very excited about this. This is the first time schools have together for an event like this,” said Matthew Atkinson, Bingley Grammar’s head of performing arts.

“The students will be mixed ability, a broad mixture from years seven to 13, or 11 to 18-year-olds,” he added.

Staff have undertaken training from the RSC to help deliver these sessions, which will then support wider learning within the school. 

Richard II is also being shown at the National Media Museum on Sunday, November 17, starting at 6.45pm. 

Excerpt from Bradford Telegraph and Argus (England) - Friday, November 8, 2013

David talks to Channel Four about Live Theatre performance and TV Drama

As for the live screenings, David Tennant admits honestly he doesn't know what the experience will be like for audiences. There'll be "more spitting than on TV as the cameras will record what's actually happening on stage. It's an attempt to give cinema-goers the "experience of actually being live in the theatre," he told me.


Nigel Lindsay preps for live broadcast - Jamie Portman - November 11, 2013

"Nigel Lindsay will be taking no chances Wednesday when the Royal Shakespeare Company’s sellout production of Richard II is beamed live into 58 Canadian cinemas and to hundreds of others around the world.

That’s because, like many in his profession, Lindsay is a superstitious man.
So when he arrives in his dressing room at Stratford-on-Avon, Lindsay will take extra care in costuming himself for the first of his big dramatic confrontations with old acting chum David Tennant, who plays Richard.

Lindsay will follow a long-standing ritual involving footwear.

He will put his left sock and shoe on first.

That, he hopes, will keep him safe and secure when he arrives on stage to confront not only a capacity audience but six strategically located cameras ready to capture every nuance of his performance for theatre buffs thousands of miles away.

“It’s my first time doing something like this and I have to tell you that I’m extremely apprehensive,” says Lindsay, who has the pivotal role of Henry Bolingbroke, the ruthless nobleman who topples the weak, vacillating Richard from the throne of England, conspires in his sovereign’s murder and makes himself king."

Nigel Lindsay in Richard II
Nigel as Bolingbrook pictured here with David

“I’ve worked with David four times, three times on stage, and he’s a wonderful actor. On stage with someone like him, you know that nothing can go wrong.”

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